Calibr8 is a 100% BEE-owned company that typically assists profitable companies that are looking to advance their BEE ownership status, add external skills and experience to their human capital, and accelerate their growth.

BEE Ownership

BEE accreditation is a business imperative for most businesses operating in South Africa today. BEE ownership is often the most challenging part of the scorecard to achieve, when dealing with questions like:

  • Who should I choose as my BEE shareholder?
  • Where do I find an appropriate shareholder?
  • Will they add value?
  • Am I locked in indefinitely?

These vexing questions often lead to businesses not taking the shareholding step at all, to their detriment.

Ross Williams

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4 Anslow Lane, Bryanston


Roshen Galal

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4 Anslow Lane, Bryanston


Calibr8 as a Partner

Calibr8 is a 100% BEE-owned entity, which typically assists with a minimum 26% equity stake in businesses requiring BEE ownership credentials.

These transactions are vendor financed, due to the embedded option and operational control retained by the original shareholders.

Calibr8 earns a management fee and participates at a Board level, providing not only strategic input but also empowerment representation.

There is no day-to-day interference in the business, nor demands for executive remuneration or perks.

The investee company retains the right to exit the relationship at all times.

Calibr8’s Value Proposition

  • Adds strategic value
  • Access to very wide networks
  • Extensive corporate advisory, M&A and private equity expertise
  • Manufacturing and industrial experience
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial expertise
  • Capital raising
  • Commercial banking

Transaction Parameters

Calibr8 looks to work with dynamic, profitable companies that hold similar values and are wanting to grow together.

Calibr8 will obtain an equity stake in the investee company on a vendor-financed basis, at a mutually agreed valuation. This will ensure the investee company’s BEE ownership status is compliant.

Annual turnover of the investee company of R20m-plus.

Calibr8 Board seat required.

Calibr8 will work with the business leadership to unlock growth and value for the business.


Calibr8 is run by two qualified and highly-experienced financial services professionals, namely Roshen Galal and Ross Williams.

Between them they have many years of experience across various industries, from Private Equity through M&A, corporate advisory, and direct ownership of a variety of businesses, including those in the industrial/manufacturing space.

They bring a strong network and reputation to their investee companies, opening up further growth opportunities.

Core Values


Calibr8 treats its investees and colleagues as partners, with integrity and respect at all times.

Calibr8 appreciates that this is a mutual, two-way relationship, and thus values and expects the same in return.


Good corporate governance is a critical part of the partnership and is a growth-enabler.

Calibr8 can add value to its investee companies in this sphere as well.

Calibr8 also takes on liability risk as a shareholder and director, without the day-to-day control in the business, further increasing its reliance on good governance.

Roshen Galal

+27 72 552 7029

4 Anslow Lane, Bryanston

Ross Williams

+27 82 898 7544

4 Anslow Lane, Bryanston